"A"and Hristo got married at Aimee's family's holiday home in Cape St Francis. As I mentioned in a previous post, she has a family big enough to occupy a small country, so there were more than enough people help prepare for the wedding. Some shined the silver (me included), some quickly built a roof for the courtyard, others arranged the flowers. Chairs were made, chairs were assembled, suits were ironed, tables were arranged. And rearranged. And rearranged again. This went on for 4 hours. (for real)

Aimee got ready in about 5 seconds. She did her own hair, put on lipstick and maybe mascara, had some champagne and off we went to the church. How awesome is she? She looked so beautiful and natural and happy.

They had the ceremony in a little church in St Francis and an intimate dinner at home with a little irish band playing the violin. Ideal.

I will never forget their couple shoot. It was the best. Weather conditions were extreme. Verging on lethal. I was worried they would hate me forever. It was freezing, there was so much rain I am surprised my camera still works. (Really). We were sopping wet - rushhomeandhaveahotbath kind of sopping wet. They were so unphased, they just walked and laughed and chatted and did their thing. They are so lovely together. Excitable little children! I loved photographing them.