Jomeri and I always talk about this wedding. It was that good.

We had never met Natalie and Miguel until the day we shot their wedding in Cape Agulhas. That didn’t matter
- there we were crying our little hearts out at their wedding. It was just a special day surrounded by an amazing energy. I wish I was a guest there! Why couldn’t I have been a guest there?

It was quite strange – it was at an old friend of mines gran’s farm. I used to go there when I was about 11 years old. We used to stay in a cottage which has now burnt down and where we ended up doing the couple photos.

The ceremony was short and sweet on the beach and the party that followed was long and crazy and fun. Those Portuguese boys sure know how to throw together hilarious videos and slideshows. I was tempted to ask for a copy of all the footage to show my friends and family. They were so good. That would’ve been a bit unprofessional and creepy though…maybe not?

Natalie and Miguel thank you for being so damn nice to Jomeri and I.
We will always remember your day at the tip of Africa with such happy hearts.