This is the wedding of two beautiful creatures.  
Jared + Kara.
Their names even look good together.  Jared + Kara. J + K. Kara Knight.  Okay, now I will stop.

I know them both, so it was a lovely, special pleasure to be a part of their wedding weekend.  We picnicked at night, we lunched in the day.  By the time the wedding came around I think Jared forgot I was actually there to work.  After refusing his many offers of drinks he finally resorted to calling me up during his speech to have a Jagermeister with him. That was a first.  A delicious one.

It was a perfect evening outside and people danced like crazy things under the stars to the Wedding Dj's.  
Ben and Boon even felt it fitting to do their famous "no-hands-bollomokissies(?)" move,  which obviously ended in disaster. Ben you are my dancing hero.  

Jared + Kara were so super chilled and easy to photograph and just seemed to have so much fun with their friends and family on their wedding day.  It was like a very special, big party.  Nice. 

Flowers done by Bittersweet in Hout Bay
Second shooting by Jomeri Mouton