Sera and Barry had a very different wedding celebration.  And a very awesome one too.  I have known Seh's family since I was 10 and have always been very close to them, I'm BF4E with her little sister, Mouse, so it was a very cool day for me to be a part of and didn't really feel like work.  

They got married Irish style (Barry is Irish incase you didn't spot that) and had a smallish ceremony at Welgemeend, followed by a delish meal of flat breads and salads and dips on the patio. Everyone sat at one long table (my dream) under the vines.  The food was seriously delicious and was made by a man named Willy.  
He fed us well, that man did.  

When darkness descended we all went to Woodlands and more friends joined for the party part of the wedding where there was pizza, cake and dancing. It was a very intimate and cosy wedding and was more a party than anything else, which is exactly what they were after.  Excellent wedding. 

The beautiful delft looking placemats and name tags were designed by Sera herself.
She has a company called Hand Made By Me, she makes gorgeous napkins, cushions, aprons
and many other things - have a look at her work here.
And Jomeri Mouton helped me shoot, see her page here.