When I met Kerry at a wedding and she said she wanted me to shoot her wedding in Namibia the following year, I hardly thought it would realllllly happen. But I crossed my fingers and it did!  My dear friend Cari and I made a whole road trip mission of it, which you can see here.  It was such a beautiful time of year to go, we went in April when it is so green and the desert dunes have little green shrubs popping up all over the place. 

Kerry's parents live in a small reserve called Aredareigas Nature Estate, just outside of Windhoek, in a beautiful house with a view that seems like a joke its so amazing.  Kerry and Clive got married in an old kraal in the reserve, followed by snacks and drinks until the sun went down and then had the reception a short walk away. 

My best parts of the day:
The bridal safari truck having to be jumpstarted minutes before the ceremony.  
The sound of Kevin playing the bagpipes in a wide open field.
The image of Kerry wearing a headlamp during her speech when the power went off.
Finding mugs on our table with our names printed on them! For us to keep, forever.
Clive's impromptu Vanilla Ice dance routine which lasted the full length of the song

Second shooter - my dear, lovely, brilliant friend Cari.